1. Details of the data controller

Pursuant to Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the identification details of the data controller are set out below.

Business name: IRUDEK 2000 S.L.
Tax Identification Code/Tax Identification Number: B20649505
Registered Office: Erribera Industrigunea, 8-A, 20150, Aduna (Gipuzkoa)
Recorded in the Commercial Registry of Gipuzkoa, Sheet -SS-15176, Folio -18, Volume -1734, Section -8, First entry.
Telephone: +34 943692617
Email address: rgpd@irudek.com

2. Intellectual property

The source code, graphic designs, images, photographs, sounds, animations, software, texts, as well as the information and contents included in this website are protected by the Spanish legislation on intellectual and industrial property rights in favour of IRUDEK 2000 S. L. and the reproduction and/or publication, in whole or in part, of the website, or of its computer processing, distribution, dissemination, modification, transformation or de-compilation, or of any other legally recognised rights of the owner, is not permitted without the prior written permission of IRUDEK 2000 S.L.
The user may only and exclusively use the material that appears on this website for their personal and private use. It is forbidden to use it for commercial purposes or to engage in illegal activities. All rights derived from intellectual property are expressly reserved by IRUDEK 2000 S.L.

IRUDEK 2000 S.L. will ensure both the fulfilment of the above conditions and the correct use of the contents presented in its website, taking pertinent civil and criminal actions in cases of infringement or non-compliance of these rights by the user.

3. Personal data protection

You will find detailed information on how your data is processed in the “Privacy Policy” section of this website.

4. Miscellaneous

A. IRUDEK 2000 S.L. can, without prior notice, modify the information contained in its website, as well as its settings and presentation.

B. IRUDEK 2000 S.L. hereby undertakes NOT TO ENGAGE IN MISLEADING ADVERTISING. To this end, therefore, any formal or numerical errors which may be found within the different sections of the IRUDEK 2000 S.L. website as a result of incomplete or faulty maintenance and/or updating of the information contained in these sections shall not be considered to be misleading advertising. IRUDEK 2000 S.L., as a consequence of the provisions of this section, undertakes to correct said errors as soon as it becomes aware of them.

C. IRUDEK 2000 S.L. undertakes NOT TO SEND ADVERTISING CORRESPONDENCE WITHOUT IDENTIFYING IT AS SUCH, pursuant to Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce. For these purposes, information sent to concerned parties will not be considered to be commercial communication provided that its purpose is to maintain the existing relationship, or the performance of information tasks and the organisation’s other activities.

D. IRUDEK 2000 S.L. is not responsible for the non-compliance of any applicable norm by the user in their accessing this website and/or in the use of the information contained in it.

E. IRUDEK 2000 S.L. will not be responsible for any damages, whatever their nature, derived from using the information, the contents of this website and the programmes included in it. Links and hypertext links which, through the website, allow the user to access features and services offered by third parties, do not belong to and are not under the control of IRUDEK 2000 S.L. This organisation accepts no responsibility for the information contained therein, nor for any effects that may derive from such information.

F. IRUDEK 2000 S.L. is not responsible for the illegitimate use that third parties may make of the brand names, product names and trade names which are not the property of IRUDEK 2000 S.L. and which appear in this website. Nor is it responsible for the integrity, veracity and legality of the content of the links to the websites that can be accessed from this website.

G. Ultimately, the user is solely responsible for the use they make of the services, contents, links and hypertext included in this website.