The Climb Assist is a vertical ladder ascent and descent assist system that provides safe, fast and effortless climbing.

The hoisting power of this device ranges from 45 to 65 kg, freeing the user of much of their body weight during ascent and descent and providing comfortable access to anyone, regardless of their physical fitness. Its operation is safe, simple, smooth and intuitive, working at a constant speed and force. It is a reasonably priced solution that provides many benefits, such as:

Reduced risk of injury to the knees, arms, shoulders and feet.

Increased safely on the ladder.

– Significant improvement in working conditions and ergonomics.

Extended working life of both installations and users.

Reduced operational times and improved availability of installations.

The Climb Assist has no electronics to control its speed and power. This prevents erroneous locking and reactions, which is unacceptable in terms of safety.